Rain Gutters Cleaning

Rain Gutters Cleaning

Rain gutters serve a very good purpose in home maintenance. It channels runoff water from a very large surface (the roof) to where it can safely drain away the water thereby preventing water damage on the property, protecting the sidings, doors, windows and foundation. To do this job efficiently, downspouts and gutters must be well-kept, cleaned and maintained which therefore means there is need for proper rain gutters cleaning on the property.

Gutters and downspout must be clear of all form of debris; leaves to be precise. If they aren’t, then expect the drain outlets to get all clogged up. This would lead to an overflow in the gutter because there is so much weight on it. Excess weight will make rain gutters loose from their bindings; the water will create ponds all over your property and will eventually rust metals as well as wood gutters. A damaged gutter as a result of inadequate rain gutters cleaning will no longer be able to route water away from your house which will cost you several expensive fixes and repairs you didn’t plan for.

It is necessary to keep the gutters free of leaves at least twice a year. The best time to spring into action is late winter or early spring since the leaves from fall would have been accumulated by then. You certainly want your gutter all cleaned up to aid smooth flow before rain starts in your region. If you have lots of tress around, it may be necessary to clean your rain gutters more than twice in a year.

In order to complete the rain gutters cleaning task, you will need to have a tall adder, an old broom or mop in place and some basic hand tools to support the process. A hand broom in this regard is necessary to brush the leaves together. Use the broom’s handle or mop to push debris down the gutter towards the bottom of it. You may have to use a hose with strong spray nozzle and use water in a jet stream to push debris all the way down. You should be able to tell when everything is cleared just by looking down to find daylight at the bottom hole.

Alternatively, you can perform rain gutters cleaning by using the scoop method of lifting debris out of your system. Try pushing it all to one spot with a water jet or mop’s handle and use a trowel to lift out the leaves. Depending on the size of your gutters, a hand spade may do the trick. One advantage of this method over the others is that you can simply catch leaves and move to your compost bin or garden as the case may be. You have to be careful so as not to damage your gutter though.

Note that scrimping on a few dollars to do a hazardous job yourself like cleaning rain gutters without the proper tools and training will lead to more dollars spewed on possible injuries and mishandling of things. Rain gutters cleaning services are available almost everywhere. All it takes is to place a call and book an appointment!

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